Spencer is an intelligent cloud layer that communicates with all your existing solutions.

Spencer knows his way around the block: he taps into the data from numerous industry solutions and presents the essential information and actions in a more user-friendly way.

mobile cloud
Our mobile application bundles what you need to know, into a single intuitive interface.

Spencer combines relevant information from different tools in a unified and personalised interface. He also aggregates related actions into user-friendly workflows, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between applications.

Main product characteristics

Modular approach

Spencer is modular. He adapts to the tools your company uses, with a fair pricing approach to make sure you only pay for what you need.

Smart, personal, contextual

Spencer is every employee’s indispensable personal assistant. He knows what they want before they do, and presents them with the info they need, when they need it.

Streamlined workflows

Spencer is an assistant, not a dictator. He functions as a layer between a team and its tools to streamline the flow of actions and information – he can’t make important decisions on his own.

Always available

Spencer never lets you down. We have duplicated all system-critical components – VPN, application servers, our internal staging and production environments, etc. – to make sure that downtime becomes a thing of the past.

Secure infrastructure

No agents, no data copies, and no super users. Spencer directly acts on behalf of the user he's assisting, and keeps the data where it belongs. All communication is secured and encrypted according to industry standards.

Tailored to your organisation

Spencer adapts to the needs of your enterprise, respecting operational flows and procedures – and your style manual.

A five-step plan to get Spencer integrated in your enterprise


Existing architecture & roadmap

Spencer hooks into your company’s existing toolchain. To do this properly, we will assess together what services you use and create a roadmap to determine which ones Spencer should support, and when.


Technical assessment

We’ll sit together to discuss how Spencer can be optimally integrated with the company’s existing security policies and on-premise infrastructure.


Implementation & branding

Using the roadmap that we defined early in the process, we’ll select the modules that Spencer will activate first and skin them to fit your brand.


Deployment & testing

When the necessary modules are in place, we can move on to User Acceptance Testing to ensure everything works smoothly, before introducing your employees to their new personal assistant.


Maintenance & support

After the application is released to your employees, we'll follow up on its usage. We’ll measure the increase in employee engagement, the specific assistance your employees seek, and their satisfaction with the assistant. Finally, we'll monitor and maintain Spencer's overall well-being.